Ingeniously nasty… reminiscent of Vladimir Nabokov and Patricia Highsmith… Expect to be provoked by a teasing metafictional game.

Creepily thought-provoking… [The narrator’s] manipulations are so cruel, his acts of violence so vile, that it feels profoundly disconcerting to have ever been seduced by him.

At times almost unreadably horrible… Consent is thought-provoking as well as shocking… A compulsive dark comedy that entertains and unnerves in equal measure. ★★★★

A word of warning: do not pick up this novella late at night. Not if you’d like to sleep any time soon… Darkly addictive.

Hephzibah Anderson,

The Mail on Sunday

Queasily compelling… Perhaps most unsettling is the narrator’s voice… There is no denying the ingenuity with which Benedictus constructs his tale.

This is a novel that plays with the conventions of the form… great subtlety and wit… unusual and enormously compelling.

Another clever, cutting riff on the book-within-a book… this strangely congenial thriller-cum-treatise ends on a note of provocative ambiguity.

A fiendishly clever book, though not for the soft-hearted… You’ll find yourself turning pages in the most disturbing kind of grip.

By turns whimsical and bone-chillingly explicit, Consent is a gripping reimagining of one of the crime genre’s most tired tropes.

Not a particularly original contribution to an over-saturated genre

Claustrophobic intensity… makes it a memorable and rewarding, if far from comfortable, experience.

Jake Kerridge,

The Sunday Express

We’ll warn you now: Benedictus’s latest book - a psychopathic stalker’s journal - is pitch black. The stuff of nightmares.



Consent is a carefully crafted and completely chilling novel where all the possibilities are open – until they suddenly snap closed. Book of the Week

Part-crime, part-thriller, part-horror novel from the much-praised author of The Afterparty… This is a disturbing book.

Sebastian Shakespeare,


If you want to be nearly scared to death, this is the book for you.

Consent is a pacy and chilling thriller about our voyeuristic obsession with other people.

His sparse, clean style… grips the reader in its claws… For those who enjoy clever and unsettling thrillers, this one is unmissable.

Such a great read and the product of a highly entertaining and disturbingly dark mind. If I was a friend of Leo Benedictus, I’d be reconsidering my options.

Stephen Mangan

Beautiful writing and a modest, pensive protagonist… A brilliant and goosebumpy read!

Susan Crawford

A darkly elegant thriller - I was enthralled.

Renée Knight

A fascinating, disturbing and original thriller that erases the boundaries of the genre and draws challenging new ones

Sophie Hannah

Read Me offers a salacious, disturbing, and increasingly focused look into the mind of a stalker.

Absolutely superb… a truly dark and deliciously twisted thriller… Benedictus is completely without fear… I was mesmerised.

Fantastic… really got into my head… Engaging but unnerving, creepy but intriguing. I was gripped from start to finish! There are so many elements of this book that I want to praise.

Ronnie Turner,


It is a short novel, but one which you won’t forget in a hurry… I was appalled and approving in equal measure… Whilst it is certainly not for the faint hearted, it is a compelling and clever read.

It’s dark as pitch on a black night in the height of winter, and at times it’s a little neat, but for all that it’s an almighty page turner that will have you in its grip until the final page.

Leo Benedictus gradually pulls the reader into his character’s nightmare mind… a clever and satisfying second novel.

Leo Benedictus is prepared to take risks… This is a stylish psycho thriller… And it ends with a bang!

A literary stalker novel with a wicked difference… its tale of lies, love and deceit unfolds in snake-like manner… Compelling and unsettling both.

It is intelligently written and the idea is horrible… It was a decent read, and it’s disturbing, graphic in parts, but I was left scratching my head.

A queasily compelling novel that demands shuddering admiration.